Around Kilimanjaro

Daytrip/ Around Marangu water fall.

The word Marangu, means a place with too many streams. It is one of the popular place in Tanzania. One of the proverbs of Chagga is (ulamine kilahu ulyemkiwoa) Which mean do not dispise samething/ samebody from which you received Support.

Activities :

Day trip marangu water fall,

After breakfast in your hotel met the Guide and drive to Marangu village, ist about 45 kilimeter from Moshi Town, arrived in the village and start hiking around coffee plantations, waterfalls, about 3-4 hours. For a small group you can have traditional lunch with the Chagga family, afterwords, continue hike to the caves, evening drive back to Arusha or Moshi.

There you have more options if you have time to explore Marangu village is possible more 2 -3 days stay.

Place to visit while your in Marangu
Kinukamori waterfall
Ndoro waterfall
Coffee plantations,
Mamba market
Or a day trip to Mandara hut.