Usambara Mountains and Lushoto

The usambara mountains oft he northeastern Tanzania in tropical East Africa, comprise the eastrn most ranges of Eastern Arc Mountain.
The range of approximately 90 kilometres long and about half that wide are situated i the lushoto District of Tanga Region.

Lushoto know as wilhelmstal during the German colonial rule is one of the eight district of Tanga Region in Tanzania. It is bordered to the norheast by Kenya, to the east by Muheza District to the northwest by kilimanjaro Region, and the south by Korogwe District.


Irente view point Cycling
Mkuzi waterfalls hikking
Historic site

Lushoto waterfalls and Mkuzi Forest – enjoy hikes peak in usambara, amongst ather walk and trails. Colobus monkeys and exotic birds. Irente viewpoint and farm, this is great hike which takes about 2 and half hours. Afterwards you can enjoy picnic lunch inthe farm.

Sagayu Natural Forest - this stunning an ancient forest covers about Ten(10,000) thausands hectares, it is a botanists heaven with an incredible range of endemic species recorded in a protected area. Day walks and overnights trails can be arrenged into the forest or to the mountain viewpoint.

Mambo footprints and Mambo Caves - this historic sites are located close to each ather. It`s throught that early humans who made the footprints also accupied the near cover.

Pottery Making - That is the village of kiliet is Namisfuel nyeki workshop where visitors can watch the product from Usambara being made and also join.

Msumbae forest Reserve - This place is fermace for birds watchers located close to the village of Soni.

Mkomazi National Park :
Mkomazi national park is located in the northern foothills of usambara mountain and borders to Tsavo East national park in Kenya.This National Park is home to the endangered wild Dog and Black Rhino as well. Buffalo,Elephants,Lions,Leopard and Cheeter. Plains area game includes Giraffe,Hartebeest, Zebra,Eland,Kudus, and Impala. Rare species that can be seen Gerenuk and Oryx. This National Park is more fomous and Expensive, almost all animals can be found while on safari.

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