The Western Circuit is located on the western of Tanzania and is close to Kigoma Region. Western circuit package include Mahale Mountains National Park, Gombe Stream and Katavi National Park.

Katavi National Park
Katavi National Park is Tanzania national Park created in 1974 and is location in Katavi Region, Tanzania. It is remote park that frequently visiters than other National Park in Tanzania Parks. The wildness of Katavi National Park located in the Western area of 4,471sq kilometer.
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Mahale Mountains National Park
Mahale Mountains National Park is Tanzania National Park lies on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma Region, Tanzania. Named After the Mahale Mountains range that is within ist borders, the Park has several unusual characteristics. First it is the one only protected area for Chimpanzees in the country.
Area about 1,650 sq kilometer.
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Gombe Strem National Park
Gombe National Park is located in western Tanzania, 10 miles north of Kigoma Region, the Capital of Kigoma Region. Established in 1968, Gombe is the one of smollest National Park in Tanzania with only 13.5 sq miles of protect Land along the Hills of Eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika.
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