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Zanzibar is touristic island within the Indian Ocean, which includes Unguja and Pemba. Zanzibar is a unique place to stay in beach and street with varieties of touristic-cultural activites since is the home to numerous historical and cultural sites, including Makusurani graveyard (where many of the islands previous Arab rulers are buried), House of Wonders (a four story building which was the first place on the islands with electrical lights), Hamamni and Kidichi Persian Baths (the first public baths on the island), Dunga Ruins (Ruins of a palace built in the 15th century by the rulers of the time), and the Peace Memorial Museum, which serves a national historical museum detailing the island's long history.

In Zanzibar w can offer you a nice stay and historically visit to several places of your choice, which includes;

Stone Town
Stone Town is a very lively place where you’ll find a mixture of Arabic, African, Indian and European cultures living comfortably together we will take you on a historical and cultural journey through the old slave market, Darajani market place, the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, the Sultan’s Palace and the Peace Memorial Museum, which serves a national historical museum detailing the island's long history.

Coastal tourism
Zanzibar is home to large amounts of beaches and clear Indian Ocean water, as well as coral and limestone scarps which allow for significant amounts of Beach activities within the hotels and range from volleyball to horse riding, diving and snorkeling. Tall coconut palms and stalking Pandanus cast their wondering shadows over the white sands and swaying hammocks in which Tourists can view the sunset and have much more fun and refreshments.

Spice Tour
Zanzibar is known for its variety of spices that are used to prepare food, cosmetics and medicines. This spices includes, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, vanilla and coriander which make it famous in spice tour. We offer Spice farms visits in which tourist can see learn and buy some unique spices from the motherland of spices in the coast.

Jozani forest and Kidike Root Site
The Jozani Forest is located in the central east region of Zanzibar Island is the home of rare Red Colobus Monkey, which is only endemic to Zanzibar. A red colobus monkey, unlike their more widespread and adapted cousins, the Black and White Colobus, are a rain forest species which are now confined to very small areas of equatorial forest in tropical Africa. The forest is also home to 40 species of bird and 50 species of butterfly. The Kidike root site is also a great place to view the endangered Pemba Flying Fox.

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